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Living by Experience
Your Weekly Dose Of Travel And Lifestyle Hacking In Under 10 Minutes
Category: Places & Travel
Location: Calgary
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September 13, 2019 12:32 PM PDT

Welcome to episode 100 of my Living by Experience podcast. This one marks the end of an era: after one hundred weeks of podcast episodes it's time to move on to new projects. But I wouldn't do that without letting you know where I'm going, and sharing some final thoughts on travel, online marketing, and living a better life in all areas of your life.

A while ago I wrote a (somewhat ranty) status update about our grand life on Facebook. Summary: We’re always posting on social media about the life we want to live, and about all the positive things that are happening, whether real or not (yet). Which is great – we all need goals to work towards. If you’ve ever heard me speak in public, you’ll know I’ll be the first to say we need more of that. After all, my mission is inspire others to “just fly”. But, we also need to keep it real.

In this final episode of my Living by Experience podcast, we'll discuss what to do when you’re tired of the Internet: clicks, funnels, leads, pages and all the other stuff that does not work.

And I'll share some of my most popular content.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Write a Book in a Week - http://writeabookinaweek.com

Travel Revolution - http://travel-revolution.com

Liberty Training Academy - http://libertytrainingacademy.com

The Freedom Project - http://freedomprojectbook.com

Living by Experience - http://livingbyexperience.com

Last but not least - please stay in touch through my personal site - http://wilko.ca

September 06, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

Not enough people are living their passion. People are miserable in the job they are doing and as a result they're making other people miserable around them. But where would you start if you wanted to completely change your life?

In this episode I'll share a chapter from my book The Freedom Project Happiness on how to get started on getting the results that you want - assuming those results are different and better from what you're experiencing today, this episode will help you get the ball rolling.

To keep your momentum, download the show notes and additional resources from my website at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

The Freedom Project Happiness is available on Amazon and through book retailers worldwide. More information on the book can be found at http://freedomprojectbook.com/happiness

August 30, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

I believe the world today is in turmoil because not enough people are living their passion. People are miserable in the job they are doing and as a result they're making other people miserable around them.

I’ve built and managed several companies and had a variety of interesting careers – and anything I’ve done was always based on a financial model that ensures money flows towards the entrepreneur - not away from him or her. It takes virtually all the risk out of starting a company as you’ll always be cashflow-positive - and in today's modern times it doesn't take much to get started on something.

Success is hard work but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. In this episode we'll explore some ideas on getting started on implementing systems to generate additional money beyond your job.

Get started on something today! For additional resources, download the show notes from this episode at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

Mentioned in this episode are the Freedom Project book series at http://www.freedomprojectbook.com as well as the Write a Book in a Week program at http://www.writeabookinaweek.com.

August 23, 2019 11:12 AM PDT

Humans are packrats. The older we get, the more “stuff” we accumulate. And the more we get, the more we seem to need. It is not uncommon for people to get locked into a material battle as they work harder and longer – just to keep up with the Joneses. In our world of excess and glorification of being busy, maybe it’s time to pause for a moment and discover what is really important.

Download the show notes and your action plan from this episode at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

The View To Take Home Book mentioned in this episode can be found at http://viewtotakehome.com

August 16, 2019 08:49 AM PDT

Don't have enough money to do what you truly want to? The limiting beliefs from your upbringing about money aren't necessarily your own - once you realize you can break through them and develop your own belief system.

As Tony Robbins said: Think of your beliefs as a table - as long as you have enough legs supporting that table it'll stand.

In this episode we'll take away some of the legs that support limiting financial beliefs and being able to do what you actually want to do.

You can read more in my book The Freedom Project Happiness on page 239. Get the book here: https://freedomprojectbook.com/happiness

To download the show notes for this episode and get your 5 step financial freedom action plan, go to http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

August 09, 2019 11:51 AM PDT

Create your own economy - so that whatever city province or country you'll live in you will be ok. If you're (like me) in Calgary or another oil-related town: Don't rely on the Alberta oil cycle.

In this episode I'll share 5 criticals in the financial freedom formula that'll help you build your own economy, so you can build towards being financially free, no matter where in the world you live, or how "poor" the economy around you is currently doing.

To get the show notes for this episode and download your own financial freedom action plan, visit http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

August 02, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

As an entrepreneur you really don't have the luxury of freedom and flexibility - that's just a mindset that stems from the shift between being an employee versus being an entrepreneur. For most new entrepreneurs, you have just bought yourself a very expensive job.

The most successful person in the room is also the person who has failed the most. We have to keep failing and keep moving forward in order to get better. What matters is how you face adversity that will allow you to get better.

That's what makes the entrepreneurial ride worthwhile. Anything is possible as long as you don't quit - you have to make sure you're clear on your why: is your why strong enough to make the right decisions when the little stuff happens along the way? The only thing you know for sure is that you will never succeed if you quit.

In this episode we'll explore some of the questions and adversity that you will face as an entrepreneur - and how to overcome them.

Take action today and download the show notes and your complimentary "freedompreneur" action plan at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

July 19, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

Change takes time. When you feel your life is "not working", you probably haven't been committed long enough to the change you wish to see in your life. Instead, live your life with a philosophy - and go after what you really want.

There are so many resources available to you on losing weight, quitting smoking, writing a book, and even travelling - and yet there's fewer and fewer people following the plan and achieving their most important goals. It takes time. You have to set the priorities and spend your time in alignment with your goals. You'll see more changes over time and make less and less mistakes.

In this episode I'll discuss some strategies to do exactly that, based on what I've learned from my dear friend and mentor Jack Canfield. I'll also share the top productivity trick I've learned from Tony Robbins.

After that, if you'd like to get in action please download the show notes for this episode and your Financial Freedom Action Plan at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

You're also welcome to visit my personal site to learn more about what I do: https://wilko.ca

Last but not least, you can learn more about the Happiness book that's mentioned in this episode at https://freedomprojectbook.com/happiness

July 12, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

Today we'll talk about "winning the money game" as a small business owner, or even "solopreneur".

Winning the money game is important, yet most entrepreneurs are solopreneurs: they've put themselves in solitary confinement. The worst punishment they can give you is solitary confinement. In this episode we'll explore some ideas on how to break free from the prison of your business (or career) and create additional options in your life.

What constitutes winning the money game for you? It's going to be different for everyone. Download the show notes for this episode as well as your complimentary financial freedom action plan at http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

July 05, 2019 12:00 PM PDT

I’m beyond excited to share some thoughts from my latest "Millionaire Mindset" class with you in this episode!

But let me start by explaining why I decided to create it. Most people have a love / hate relationship with money. They resent those who have it, but spend their entire career attempting to get it for themselves. The reason an immense majority of individuals never accumulate a substantial savings is because they don’t understand money and how financial systems works.

Does this sound familiar? You have too much work to do and too little time to do it. You spend all your time worrying about your job and spend little to no time with your family and friends. You want to get ahead at work, but you don’t want to give up the rest of your life to do it.

The ideas from this episode will help you get rid of those limiting beliefs. You can download the show notes and your financial freedom action plan here: http://go.wilko.ca/actionplan

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